Project Update: Scouting Rework Video
20 Oct | 10:00 am

As a follow-up to our recent scouting revamp, we’ve put together a short video showcasing the new and improved Manual Scouting and the recently introduced Auto-scouting. You can check them both out below – manual scouting covers the first thirty-five seconds of the video, while the rest is dedicated to auto-scouting.

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Turn Based Top 30
08 Sep | 2:00 pm

Hello everyone,

Guess what! We have made it on a top 30 list curated by Turn Based Lovers! They have compiled a list of the best turn-based PC and console RPGs of the last two years. We are mentioned in the September 2021 to June 2022 segment along with titles like Pathfinder: Wrath Of The Righteous, Gloomhaven and Ruined King: A League Of Legends Story. Needless to say, we are absolutely flattered!

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Project Update - Event Art Panning
14 Jul | 11:00 am

Hey folks,

Here’s a small update we hope you’ll like! We’ve wanted to introduce a panning view of Event backgrounds for a while now, but only managed to find the time to implement it these days. Check it out in the short video!

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Project Update - All the Quality of Life Features (Teaser Video)
30 Jun | 10:00 am

After extensive development and testing, we are now almost ready to release several large quality of life improvements with our next build. These include Automarch, Quick Camp, daytime Hunting and Foraging, and Auto-acquire Supplies – all of which significantly impact general gameplay loops in Vagrus overall. For the sake of brevity, we have included links to posts that explain these features in more detail, though if you would prefer, you can simply watch the short video we have put together.

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Project Update - Random Name Generator
02 Jun | 10:00 am

Have you ever arrived at the final step of a character creation screen and felt completely stumped as to what you are going to call yourself in the game? Do you wonder what kind of names would be appropriate for your vagrus based on their background? We’ve been there, and we get it.

That’s why our new random name generator has been a long time coming. Our priorities were two-fold: give options to those who would rather not worry about such matters, and also to allow players some insight into naming conventions in the Riven Realms. This feature will be available with our next build, and you can check out a preview video here.

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Project Update - Beni
26 May | 10:00 am

Hello everyone,

in a recent post we introduced Viktor to you -- our newly joined junior coder. He’s been working with our other junior Unity developer, Beni. Beni has also decided on a career in coding precisely due to his love for video games, especially heavily narrative-driven ones. In fact, he had been wanting to work on a game like Vagrus for quite a while now.

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Project Update - Vorax News Round-Up
18 May | 10:00 am

Having just recently released our first free DLC, we’ve been pleased with the feedback so far, which has included a number of game journalists covering the release, along with the new features that it brought.

First off was Liam Dawe, the owner of GamingOnLinux; he wrote a piece on his website that you can find here. Linux gamers must be starving for some dark SRPG action, as they also covered the release with an article at

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Vagrus DevTalk with Kormakrtv
27 Jan | 10:00 am

Hey everyone, 

for those who missed the DevTalk, here's the VOD on youtube. We were talking about some behind the scenes stuff and also gave advice to those who are beginning their journeys in Vagrus - The Riven Realms. We hope that you'll enjoy the video. Stay tuned and conquer the wasteland.

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Project Update - Welcome Ákos
09 Dec | 10:00 am

With this post, we invite all of you to welcome Ákos Porcsin, who joined Lost Pilgrims fairly recently as a Graphic Designer and UX/UI Designer. Alright, alright, that's only half-true, because actually, Ákos has been working on various aspects of Vagrus for a while now, but now he's joining us full-time. Most of the awesome UI improvements are to his credit and his responsibilities will now also include social media tasks, video editing, print media, and much more. When he isn't working, playing video games, or recording video gaming industry podcasts, Ákos is a super outdoorsy dude, riding his bike, climbing a wall, or hiking somewhere.

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Project Update - What are we working on?
25 Nov | 10:00 am

Hey everyone,

the last few weeks have been slow. Most of our team is either on sick leave or vacation, while the rest of us have been trying to finish tasks related to our physical Vagrus products or were busy formulating plans for the future of Lost Pilgrims. Bear with us though, as we are getting closer to realizing these plans. For now, let us look at what we are working on in more detail.

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