Game Design Post – Overwatch Rework
27 Apr | 10:00 am

Hello everyone,

In our bid to improve Companion Combat, we have already tweaked Push and Pull effects. Now, we are implementing changes to increase the utility of Overwatch Skills. These tweaks will soon be available in the Beta branch and then go live in our public build as well.

Until now, Overwatch Skills could be used on an empty position. If a viable target stepped into said position, it triggered Overwatch, and the target was attacked. Move and attack actions were also interrupted, which means that, after having moved into the overwatched position, the target did not execute its attack.

The changes to these Skills are twofold. Firstly, any position can be targeted with an Overwatch Skill, not only unoccupied ones. If an enemy leaves the overwatched position, the Skill will not be triggered. However, if another enemy enters, Overwatch will be triggered.

Secondly, if nothing triggers it while someone is overwatching a position, the Skill will trigger automatically just before the Companion activates again in the Initiative order but only when there is a viable target.

This will motivate an enemy occupying an overwatched position to vacate it and deter other enemies from entering an overwatched position in order to avoid damage. In the video above, Eylani overwatches the bottom front position, while Criftaa follows suit with the bottom back position. Harvek is in the same line as the enemies, allowing him to kick the one in the front, forcing the two enemies to switch places, thus triggering both Overwatch Skills.

These changes will add an additional layer to combat tactics, as this can be used in combination with other Skills, such as ones causing Push or Pull. We hope you will have lots of fun with the reworked Overwatch mechanics!

Stay tuned, take care, and conquer the wasteland,

The Lost Pilgrims Team

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