Location Artwork - The Forest of Shadows
14 Sep | 10:00 am

The Forest of Shadows is a vast expanse of tangled trees that extends across the western side of the Penumbral Plains, covering the feet of the abandoned mountain range that rises high and stands mighty over the benighted lands. Many theorize that this woodland and the Dead Forest were once united; a tale the proof of which is lost to the annals of time. Old stories circulate about the Forest of Shadows enduring the wrath of the Calamity and its fallout, only to succumb to the enigmatic arachnids that now plague its shadowy expanse. The creatures killed everything there and built their nest in the forest, covering it with their webs so thickly that not even light itself could penetrate them.

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Location Artwork: Fadhuldak Mountains
31 Aug | 1:00 pm

This week we’re excited to share one of the expansion’s most intriguing locales: the Fadhuldak Mountains. Part of the forlorn Brown Mountains spanning the western border of the Bronze Desert, the peaks, valleys, and ranges that make up these mountains are home to beastly denizens mostly, although allegedly there are some wayward people prowling these lands, too.

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Vagrus Featured on Steam Strategy Fest
29 Aug | 7:00 pm

Those of you who have been following what’s going on over at Steam are surely aware of the Strategy Fest lasting from 28th August to 4th September. Vagrus is represented in the festival with a never-before-seen 35% discount! A great time to grab it at this bargain price if you haven’t already.

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Welcome to the Jungle
24 Aug | 10:00 am

It’s not every week we have a chance to share something many might find out of place in the Riven Realms, but today is one such day. On that note, let’s cut right to the chase: we’re here to show you a beautiful jungle from one of our newest artists, and boy, we’re pretty stoked about it.

A beautiful place to go bird watching or have a nice picnic with your comes! Perhaps you could pick some berries, relax in the shade, or make friends with the wildlife. Or, it could be that beneath the veneer of colorful lushness lurks something darker, deep in the recesses of the thicket. As always, you shall have to find out for yourself; all in good time, naturally.

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Vagrus Verified on Steam Deck
08 Aug | 7:00 pm

Good news, everyone: Vagrus – the Riven Realms has finally gained verified status on Steam Deck! It’s been a long haul, but we have finally reached our goal. We were originally able to attain the simple playable badge, and then, through continuous testing and grit among certain team members, we created and released a build last week that Valve was able to test and approve for verified status. We’d like to express our gratitude to you, the players, without whom we might not have made it this far. The game is already live on Steam Deck, but if you are familiar with it, you may now notice the presence of a new, shiny verified badge. Naturally, we recommend you give it a go!

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Lore Post - Legion Peltas
27 Jul | 10:00 am

This week, we are introducing you to a new type of enemy from the growing Imperial roster, coming with our rapidly-approaching expansion, Sunfire and Moonshadow. So, should you invoke the ire of Imperial legions, you might end up facing the peltas – sling-wielding legionnaires who swing their weapons in an arc and send their stones at their targets at very high speeds. These projectiles can pierce even sturdy shields and metal armor, causing massive damage. This makes the peltas a foe to be reckoned with; even seasoned warriors think twice before going toe to toe with them, which also makes them powerful allies should you side with the Chimera Legion in the expansion.

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Expansion Announcement: Sunfire and Moonshadow
11 May | 9:00 pm

The time has finally come to announce our upcoming expansion for Vagrus and go into a little detail about what we’ve been working on for the past seven months. It’s been a long, hard road, and while we’re slowly making our way to the finish line, we still have a great deal of testing to do, plus numerous final touches to iterate upon. It’s a terribly exciting time at Lost Pilgrims Studio, and it’s time to share at least some of it with those who made it possible: you, the players. The expansion’s store page is available for viewing and is ready to be wishlisted on Steam, GOG, and Epic.

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Tacticon and Our Upcoming Announcement
10 May | 10:00 am

This week we have good news on multiple fronts; we will be able to reveal our expansion very soon (read on for more information) and we are pleased to announce that Lost Pilgrims Studio will again be participating in Tacticon, an annual digital convention hosted on Steam that celebrates strategy games from a wide array of talented developers. The convention is hosted by Indie strategy and tactics game publishers Firesquid and Hooded Horse and will run between the 11th and 15th of May. For full details of the event, you can visit Tacticon’s website here.

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Announcing Steam Community Items & Upcoming April Fool
30 Mar | 12:00 pm

Hello everyone,

Are you ready for our Community Items?

Many of you might be familiar with Steam Trading Cards and other community items. Essentially, you can collect cards for playing games for which the feature is available. Complete sets of cards can be crafted into game badges that appear on your profile, earning you marketable items, such as profile backgrounds, emoticons, and coupons. They contribute to your Steam Level and are a fun way to show your love and dedication to the games you love.

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New Build Is Live - Patch v1.1300221S - Codename: Magnificatus est Controls
22 Feb | 10:00 am

Hey everyone,

Today we are releasing a large patch with features that we’ve been talking about for some time, most of which are a reiteration from the post we released about a public Beta weeks ago. With that Beta now over, you can now scroll down to see all of the details regarding our implementation of full controller support, UI and text zooming, improved initial game loading times, and much, much more. Alongside these, we have also implemented a new pop-up window for players to see what’s new when they load up the game, and a DLC catalog, which lets you see what content you already own, as shown below.

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