Project Update - All the Quality of Life Features (Teaser Video)
30 Jun | 10:00 am

After extensive development and testing, we are now almost ready to release several large quality of life improvements with our next build. These include Automarch, Quick Camp, daytime Hunting and Foraging, and Auto-acquire Supplies – all of which significantly impact general gameplay loops in Vagrus overall. For the sake of brevity, we have included links to posts that explain these features in more detail, though if you would prefer, you can simply watch the short video we have put together.

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Project Update - Hunting and Foraging Design and UI Changes
23 Jun | 10:00 am

Recently, we took the time to explain how we approach suggested changes and feature requests. We also went over our main priorities moving forward, and are excited to present some of those updates to you today. Having now made changes to movement in a general sense, our next goal was to tackle hunting and foraging, and consequently, we have made some significant alterations and additions that will be integrated into one of our upcoming builds.

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Project Update - Random Name Generator
02 Jun | 10:00 am

Have you ever arrived at the final step of a character creation screen and felt completely stumped as to what you are going to call yourself in the game? Do you wonder what kind of names would be appropriate for your vagrus based on their background? We’ve been there, and we get it.

That’s why our new random name generator has been a long time coming. Our priorities were two-fold: give options to those who would rather not worry about such matters, and also to allow players some insight into naming conventions in the Riven Realms. This feature will be available with our next build, and you can check out a preview video here.

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Project Update - Upcoming Changes Part I.
25 Mar | 12:00 am

With March well underway, we are finally stepping out of the bug-fixing phase of the development of Vagrus. Of course, there are still a number of glitches and issues left (both smaller and more serious ones) but at least the improvements that we began designing and implementing in January are starting to bear fruit.

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Project Update - Our New Office
20 Jan | 10:00 am

With the new year come new challenges and new momentum as well for Lost Pilgrims. As a part of that we've now moved into a new office space after a long period of working exclusively from home. During the Covid years the studio had to adapt to the unfortunate situation and admittedly, this arrangement was quite hit-and-miss for the majority of the team. Now that we are also recruiting, we decided to move into an office again - at least those of us who have to communicate and iterate on a daily basis.

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Project Update - Happy New Year
31 Dec | 4:00 pm

Hey everyone,

we just wanted to drop by and wish all of you a Happy New Year! 2021 is ending and what a year it has been! For us, it certainly turned out to be the most challenging, exhausting, thrilling, and glorious year in a while, a true roller-coaster. Vagrus was finally released after years of development and was very well received by you, the players. As promised before, we'll keep working on the game through 2022, starting with a free DLC companion and additional stories, then moving on to a larger expansion. That means that you'll be hearing from us soon, so stick around for 2022, too.

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Project Update - What are we working on?
25 Nov | 10:00 am

Hey everyone,

the last few weeks have been slow. Most of our team is either on sick leave or vacation, while the rest of us have been trying to finish tasks related to our physical Vagrus products or were busy formulating plans for the future of Lost Pilgrims. Bear with us though, as we are getting closer to realizing these plans. For now, let us look at what we are working on in more detail.

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Project Update - Quest, Quests, and More Quests!
30 Sep | 8:00 pm

This week’s devblog is all about the plethora of quests being added to Vagrus with the full launch on October 5th. The update will include a revamped UI, a new companion to recruit, and plenty of quests to find on your journies across the wastelands. Let’s take a look at what’s coming!

Revamped User Interface and Extended Campaign Map

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Project Update - Crew Combat Buy Off - Lure Away improvements
10 Jun | 10:00 am

The greatest thing about running open development is receiving amazing feedback from players that helps improving your game. The hardest thing about open development is identifying what the actual problem is that your players are having an issue with.

The perfect example of all this is Crew Combat in Vagrus, which is an aspect of the game that players complained about fairly regularly. After adding the Flee/Appease option, it got slightly better but not as much as we had hoped. While digging for the reasons, we came to some interesting realizations. Whenever we heard someone getting irked about how they bled out against a much stronger enemy, we asked whether they tried appeasing them and they pretty much all said "No, 'Flee' implied losing big time".

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A New Build is OUT - Patch 0.5.29. - Codename: Perky
31 Mar | 4:00 pm

Hey Folks,

this next patch is a bit lean on content but that is because we are gearing up to the next one that has a huge new region with tons of adventures awaiting - and it is coming sooner than you think! That said, this current update contains a pile of new features and Quality of Life improvements that will hopefully make you happy - like a completely reworked Event UI, Test boosting that allows you to use Resourcefulness to improve chances in Events, additions to Chart markers that makes it easier to find things in the wasteland (but still keeps it a challenge most of the time), new Hirelings, combat Skill tweaks, and a lot more!

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