A Tale of Two Companions
11 Apr | 10:00 am

This week we’re getting down to brass tacks: our first upcoming DLC this year and the Companions therein. Development is coming along smoothly, and we thought we’d share the highlights by delving into some details – without giving much away this early.

So who are the Companions? We’ll start by saying they’re two very, very different people. As a result, we’ve developed two markedly different stories side by side. Both are tales of discovery – of potential, origins, and abilities – that will take you to locations new and old. Among the new locales are some really intriguing ones we are sure you’ll love to see, while even the old places will be shown in a different light.

The two Companions’s Skills, Perks, and fighting abilities make them suited for entirely distinct roles, rounding out certain combinations of Companions that work well together already but were lacking in a given department. The differences in their personalities will also make them fit very dissimilar playstyles and vagrus personalities. They will also be accessed in a rather different way than most other Companions, which already frames their place in stories in a major way.

We’ve also decided to make some additions to the DLC. Additions, we think, that will add extra value for all players who purchase it. It started with concept art for the more unique enemies the two stories involve: foes and allies never before seen outside our very own tabletop games in the Riven Realms. Then, as we moved forward, we knew we didn’t wish to silo these new Characters only into their respective stories. We needed something more; and thus, among the elements that we’re still iterating upon, we arrived at one definite: hirelings. All of this is to tentatively say that we’ll be adding new hirelings who are available for players who acquire or already have the DLC (through the Season Pass), though we’re still ironing out the details of exactly how that will work. Development is taking a little longer than expected, but we don’t release until something is ready and we’re pleased with it – this, in our opinion, is a matter of pride, and paramount in a setting with a depth of complexity and personal gravitas such as the Riven Realms.

Most of all, our goal with these two Companions is to fully flesh out two separate and compelling tales; to show vagri sides of Xeryn never before seen, and to create a unique and lasting impression for all who wish to support us by playing it. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is about all we’re willing to reveal now. Don’t worry, there’s more coming soon. So, do as you always do: stay vigilant, stay safe, and conquer the wasteland!

– The Lost Pilgrims Team

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