Old Acquaintances DLC: Meet the New Hirelings
06 Jun | 10:00 am

As part of the release of our upcoming Old Acquaintances DLC, The Freelancers’ Guild – or Collegium Mercennaris – will be added to the game, extending hireling options for aspiring vagri. Known across the Riven Realms for their neutrality, the Guild operates under a strict Imperial mandate, which allows them to lease out mercenaries to private persons. Collegia Mercennaris also prides itself on a diverse offering; ex-gladiators, legion veterans, and even Kal’rish warriors number among their ranks, as do licensed Necromancers who do not serve the Church for one reason or another.

While these images give you a good idea of what to expect, we must note that they are still in development and are subject to change, even if only slightly. There’s one further caveat, too, one that is crucial to the Freelancers’ Guild, and that’s quantity; much like their Faction hireling counterparts already in game, you can only hire one of them at a time. As the Guild has been around for centuries – operating anywhere from Toht to Hadrinium – they have learned a few things and have had to make a few adjustments. Some speak of private armies that began to spring up as a result of their existence, and thus, the discerning eye of Imperial law put new regulations on them. Players who own the base game and Old Acquaintances will be able to recruit them in Larnak, Tor’Zag’s Shelter, Avernum, and Deven, while those who have Sunfire and Moonshadow already will also find them at the Onyx Outpost.

Our goals in introducing such mercenaries to the game were manifold. First, we wanted to add further temporary character options especially in the early and mid-game for growing comitati perhaps lacking a large selection of Companions and we are also eager to provide some variety to battles. Thus, each and every mercenary comes with abilities rarely seen or utilized and we’re excited to see what you will do with them. Avenues for experimentation are important, as are Deputies – that’s why they all fill specific roles within the comitatus. Finally, we knew we needed to introduce an organization that offers hirelings but has no direct ties to any faction, and to this end, we would stress that no grind nor reputation farming is needed for these fellows. Simply find a Castrum in one of the named locales, pay them, and get to work. The Gods know many need it out there, with death and despair stalking every corner. However, it is important to note that these mercenaries are not fully fleshed out Companions, as opposed the two that you are going to get in Old Acquaintances.

And that, dear vagri, is how we shall leave it this week: stay safe, stay vigilant and conquer the wasteland!

– The Lost Pilgrims Team

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