Happy International Women's Day
08 Mar | 3:00 pm

Happy International Women's Day from the team at Lost Pilgrims. Today, we at the studio are celebrating all the amazing women who enrich our lives and make Vagrus possible. Thank you for your strength, creativity, and passion!

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International Women's Day - 2023
08 Mar | 6:00 pm

Happy International Women's Day from the team at Lost Pilgrims. Today, we're celebrating all the amazing women who enrich our lives and make Vagrus possible. Thank you for your strength, creativity, and passion!

- The Lost Pilgrims Team

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International Women's Day - 2022
08 Mar | 2:00 pm

On behalf of us at Lost Pilgrims Studio, we would like to thank all the fantastic women in our lives and by extension, commend all women everywhere. Keep on rocking, ladies!

- The Lost Pilgrims Team


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Obedience and Unrest Mechanics (Game Design Post)
10 Oct | 10:00 am

Obedience is a stat describing how disciplined (or disgruntled) the slaves owned by the comitatus are at a given time. It was implemented to give a rather fluid drawback to owning slaves: they might provide free workforce but keeping men and women enslaved does have its risks even if it is 'part of the system'. You typically lose Obedience if you do not guard your slaves well enough (too few fighters to look after them), if you get or buy a lot of new slaves, if you do not feed them enough, if you arm them in Crew Combat, or keep choosing options in Events that endanger or embolden them.

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Character Poses - Imperial Legionnaire
03 Sep | 10:00 am

The backbone of the Imperial legions are its legionnaires and for a good reason. Disciplined and rigorously trained, these men and women are further hardened by years of service in faraway provinces and front lines, which involves incessant marching with heavy equipment, surviving in hostile environments, and of course combat. Due to their quality equipment and developed fighting style the legionnaires are among the most successful armed forces of the continent.

Both the regular legionnaire and the legionnaire captain are enemies you can encounter in the game - usually when you go up against the law or the Empire in some way. Alone these soldiers are tough but manageable opponents; their true strength comes from standing next to each other as they grant Armor to any neighboring allies in the same line. This is complemented by their set of combat skills:

Gladius Stab: A single-target melee attack that has the Armor Piercing property. Though it does not deal a lot of damage, it is reliable and accurate.

Scutum Shove: The legionnaire uses his large shield (scutum) to shove a melee opponent, pushing them back and dealing low damage. This attack is very difficult to block.

Formations!: Only the legionnaire captain has this combat skill. It can be used to buff a single friendly unit with bonus Accuracy, Block, and Resistance against all effects.

Though lacking real burst damage potential, these soldiers are great at becoming a great barrier that is almost impossible to break up. Using shoves, they set their enemies for accurate attacks and wear them down slowly but steadily. You must be aware of this and try to separate them to rob them of their buffs. Otherwise, you'll have a hard time dealing with them.


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Character Artwork - Imperial Legionnaire
25 Jun | 10:00 am

'Day 54 - Another week goes by and the vile horde broke again on the wall of our scuta today like the fierce tidal waves break on the rocks of Anurao Bay, the place of my birth. Most of the day after dawn devolved into a cruel dance in the mud and gore - one of pushing and pulling and stabbing at the rhythm dictated by the roar of our foes and the bone whistle of our centurion. Yet nobody complains; no true legionnaire would. The green-skinned bastards have to be stopped here. For our families. For our Empire. For the Emperor, too, though I would rather pray to Old Hand Marcus than to the distant, slumbering God-King in our capital that I've never seen. But best keep that to myself, else the Priests of Sergorod find some punishment for me. They would sure love to. Perhaps there will be a night attack, too, at least that's what the talk is around camp now. If so, and considering the losses of the 3rd and 7th cohors in the last few days, I am not sure I will ever see the capital...'

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'Vagrus - The Riven Realms' title reveal!
11 May | 10:00 am

So the big news is that the game's title is finalized at last! For now. :D

Check out the title reveal short video!

The word vagrus is the same pseudo-Latin that most of the Imperial Tongue used in the game (as it hearkens back to the Roman Empire in material and immaterial culture). It meant 'wanderer' or 'vagabond' in Imperial, but nowadays it only refers to the men and women who lead a comitatus across the wasteland. It is short, easy to remember, and easy to be associated to the English word 'vagrant' (which also originates in Latin).

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Character Artwork - Brigand
20 Feb | 11:31 pm

Countless vagrants, opportunists, bullies, and broken men end up becoming highwaymen and bandits on the forsaken continent of Xeryn. These individuals are often organized into marauding gangs by the more charismatic lowlifes. Liberated tribes, made up almost exclusively of escaped slaves, also roam the Realms, taking what they will and can.

Truly, these men and women are a plague on the Empire, as there are neither enough resources to hunt them down, nor would it be entirely possible due to the many places where they can hide in the wasteland. Also, there seems to be an endless supply of people who end up becoming such lowly criminals.

The Brigand here is one such individual, and one of the first of many enemies the player can come across in Vagrus.

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