‘Old Acquaintances’ DLC Release Date and Trailer
30 May | 10:00 am

The time is finally nigh: we have a release date for Old Acquaintances and a fresh release trailer to boot!

The DLC will drop on the 12th of June, 2024, and those of you who have already played the ‘Pilgrims of the Wasteland’ scenario will surely recall the identities of the two returning companions. For those who do not, the man by the campfire is Javek, a remarkable telepath and sorcerer with unique abilities, while the bony hand that pushes through the black sands of Arenas Negras belongs to Sedarias, a Knight of the Black Sun and defender of the Empire.

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New Build Is OUT - Patch: 1.166 Codename: Dissonant
23 May | 2:00 pm

Hey everyone,

This time, we come to you with a huge package of changes to the game. The first order of business:

The Prologue (Demo)

This scenario offers players a fixed timeframe within which they can play Vagrus without purchasing the game. Since its release in May of 2023, we’ve been eyeballing it for quite some time, and have finally overhauled it with many of the quality of life improvements the main game has seen. See our Steam post here for more information.

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New Build Is Live - Patch v1.165 - Codename: Shore Up
08 May | 5:00 pm

Hey everyone,

We haven’t released a new build since way back in February, so we have got a slew of changes to discuss. While the changes are wide-ranging and significant, we’ve broken down each batch into easily digestible sections, the first of which is the Outpost and its coming update. For those of you looking for an abridged breakdown of what we’ve been working on you may simply scroll down to the patch notes.

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Project Update – Outpost Changes
25 Apr | 10:00 am

The Outpost feature has been on our minds for a long time but with all the other pressing matters – namely, our new DLC and the related coding –, it kept getting pushed down our priority list. In the end, however, we were able to dedicate a week to making improvements, focusing on adding clarity and showing more information to players. Please note that these changes are actively being worked on and will first come to the Steam Public Beta branch. Later, after being thoroughly playtested, they will go live on the default branches on all platforms.

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Project Update – Zoli
21 Mar | 10:00 am

This week we’re continuing in the same vein, bringing you another project update that this time relates to our latest hire, polymath and computer science major Zoli, who joined us in September 2023 in the role of Quality Assurance Tester. Zoli is a systematic thinker, problem-solver, and gamer with a well of knowledge regarding all manner of things game dev (such as code or design). When asked, he was adamant about describing himself as “a novice wizard surrounded by talented sorcerers”, and as someone who’s worked alongside him, I can testify that he is all this and more. Under the “more” category we pencil in things like “90’s gamer”, “child chess prodigy”, “math enthusiast” (yes, apparently that’s a thing), and perhaps in stark contrast, a man who loves the outdoors: he’s run more than 500km this year already, which includes a marathon in Athens! Below is a snap of the man himself in his element.

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Hail, Praetor!
14 Mar | 10:00 am

Great news, everyone: today we at Lost Pilgrims are excited to announce that we are releasing a new Praetor Edition of the game on the 14th of March to coincide with Steam’s Spring Sale. Similar to the Centurion Edition, the Praetor Edition features the updated soundtrack, which we wrote about at length here, the Patronage Pack, and here’s the kicker: the Season Pass, too. The Season Pass is a package that includes our major expansion, Sunfire and Moonshadow, and two upcoming DLCs we plan to release: a Companion DLC and a Region DLC. Picking up this is a great way to support the ongoing development of Vagrus and nab some of our upcoming content at a slight discount to boot.

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Location Artwork – The East-West Road
25 Jan | 10:00 am

Hey everyone, 

Today we’re taking a look at one of the most crucial trade routes in the Northern reaches of the Riven Realms: the East-West Road. If you’ve delved into our recently released Sunfire and Moonshadow expansion, you’re probably already familiar with it. It spans the width of the Bronze Desert, bridging the Imperial harbor of Toht to the east and Kabur, Jewel of the North, to the southwest at the foot of the Brown Mountains.

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Kadaath and the Outer Realms
30 Nov | 10:00 am

Today we’re eager to delve into one of the newest additions to Vagrus : Kadaath on the Outer Realms. Released for free for all players at the same time as our first expansion, this section of the Outer Realms can be accessed by first heading to Lumen in the base game, where vagri can begin a quest to get there provided that the year is at least 1108 p.c., they have at least four hundred Bross, three Companions, and at least three Renown. An in-game pop-up directs new or returning players there also, though this information can also be accessed at any time by using the “What’s new?” button under the Extras submenu in Vagrus’s main menu.

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New Build Is Live - Patch v1.150 - Codename: New Realms
07 Nov | 4:00 pm

Hello everyone,

Xeryn is about to become even more captivating as we proudly announce the release of our highly anticipated expansion: Sunfire and Moonshadow, featuring a vast new region to explore. As of now, it is available to the public on Steam, GOG, and Epic Games and it can be purchased as part of our Season Pass  on Steam, GOG, and Epic., which includes two future DLCs. Check out the trailer here.

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Enemy Artwork - Malkin
07 Sep | 10:00 am

The origins of Malkin remain a tantalizing mystery. Among the prevailing speculations the most accepted one is that they are the results of sorcerous experiments. They clawed their way to the summit of the ecosystem following their appearance post-Calamity, assuming dominion with an insatiable appetite and the hunting skills to back it up. Just like many apex predators, they are rare in and around populated areas, but they don’t mind a human snack every once in a while. Their sharp claws and fangs, as well as a deadly fusion of reptilian tenacity and feline swiftness make them formidable foes indeed. Keeping a watchful eye is in the best interest of every traveler,  for to be caught unaware in their sights as potential prey is to court a perilous fate!

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