Kadaath and the Outer Realms
30 Nov | 10:00 am

Today we’re eager to delve into one of the newest additions to Vagrus : Kadaath on the Outer Realms. Released for free for all players at the same time as our first expansion, this section of the Outer Realms can be accessed by first heading to Lumen in the base game, where vagri can begin a quest to get there provided that the year is at least 1108 p.c., they have at least four hundred Bross, three Companions, and at least three Renown. An in-game pop-up directs new or returning players there also, though this information can also be accessed at any time by using the “What’s new?” button under the Extras submenu in Vagrus’s main menu.

For now, though, let’s put our lore caps on and get into the nitty-gritty of the Outer Realms, examining what they really are. Succinctly put, they constitute infinite dimensions that were formed at the creation of the universe, serving as a foundation for the work of the Elder Gods and a framework for the universe. The Outer Realms connect paths between individual worlds – functioning as the nascent fabric between space and time – allowing travel both between worlds and over vast distances in places like Xeryn. All of this brings us to a central question: what is Kadaath, and how does it fit into this picture?

Note that some spoilers follow, so if you want to experience this location all by yourself, do not proceed with the article!

A curious, almost abandoned village on an island surrounded by an apocalyptic storm, Kadaath is both quaint and perilous, mysterious and mundane, a true anomaly in such an alien land. The beleaguered island that houses it was evidently torn from a larger landmass and tossed into the crimson skies by unknowable forces. Near Kadaath, the greatest landmark is a ruined fortress of cyclopean proportions and a strange nexus of apparently dormant gateways.

A mysterious custodian dwells in Kadaath, watching over the village and the land surrounding it, far below the crumbling fortress that once guarded the road and the ruined nexus.

These lands, however, are no stranger to peril. Those who visit their crimson, storm-torn confines expose themselves to the many anomalies that have manifested here over millennia and continue to fester or make life almost untenable for the few residents who choose to remain. Facing them as a vagrus is no different; one must always remain vigilant, for this is no normal wasteland, technically, it is not even part of the Riven Realms. Nonetheless, great power lingers at its many landmarks, power that could prove felicitous indeed to those who come to wield it. And so it is with that notion that we bid you farewell this week. Stay focused, stay adventurous, conquer the Outer Realms if you dare – and as always – conquer the wasteland.

– The Lost Pilgrims Team

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