Project Update - 2018 Summary
10 Jan | 10:00 am

We at Lost Pilgrims will always remember 2018 as the year when it all began to come together, the year when everything changed for us. It was the year when development on Vagrus got out of the preparation phase and into hardcore production.

Now that this crucial year is done and over with, we felt it would behoove us to recount how 2018 went for those of you interested (and for posterity!).


  • Nobo, Geri, and Sztaszov has been working full time for months by this time, laying the foundation in design, code, project management, writing and so on
  • We started developing campaign map movement and companion combat basics
  • We received the first portfolios from character graphic artists


  • We were interviewing graphic artists and gave out trial work
  • Map movement 'minimum viable product' (MVP) 1 was finished








  • The Chart was added to the game after extensive planning and drawing
  • We implemented the Journal to serve as the 'quest log' in Vagrus
  • We published an article on how we approached Narrative design
  • We started to plug in the tutorial and narrative scripts for the Prologue



  • The closed Alpha testing of the Prologue started by a few dozen awesome volunteers
  • We posted a Narration preview
  • Companion combat MVP 3 was finished
  • Added Credits/Options/Extras to the main menu of the game


3rd January 2019

We know we have a lot to do but we are ready for it! We hope you guys will stick around to follow and support us on our journey we've undertaken.

Thanks and cheers,
The Lost Pilgrims Team

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