New Vagrus Prologue build (0.1.5) is available on GameJolt and Itchio
12 Jan | 12:00 pm

Interested in what's new? 
You can find it on GameJolt or Itchio, or below.

New features

  • New LeaderShip perk: Boost ready to be used in combat
  • Tutorial pointers added
  • Option to track visited nodes on the campaign map (Hotkey: N)
  • Increased Vigor range to 6 (vs 5)


  • Jagged waste (& Smolderbone Flats) sound track!
  • Arenas Negras sound track plays on more nodes now
  • Low Morale and Unpaid crew events fixed (now they actually come up! :))
  • Tutorial changes
    • Inspire instead of Empower use in the second combat
    • Buy Prepare (instead of Inspire) on Leader UI tutorial step
    • Scrapheap exit requires 150 Stacks of Supplies (so less players will die starving)
  • Quote: ‘a metric ton of event and other text tweaks&corrections’ by Geri

UI changes

  • Combat loading screen added
  • Adjacent targeting (Cleave/Strafe) now also highlights ‘empty’ spots
  • Leader Combat Actions feedback animations added
  • Power heal is now gold/yellow
  • New/Improved Tooltips on
    • Market Buy/Sell, Min/Max, +/- buttons
    • Equipment slots
    • Leader Combat Actions
  • Various smaller UI tweaks/fixes

Bug fixes

  • Perks are now actually granted by Gear/Equipment
  • Unable to enter Avernum for the second time issue resolved
  • Hidden quality journals are now truly hidden
  • Rumors in Utvorar vs Vitrar were mixed up, now fixed
  • Chart & Rumor links now land on the correct Codex entry
  • Deputy UI asset order bug fixed
  • Gear&Equipment mount bug fixed
  • Item icons mix-up fixed
  • Initial profession & attribute perks now appear during Leader tutorial
  • Players can no longer can buy Rumor or select Rest in Settlements without having enough funds

Enjoy, and do let us know how you find these improvements! Also, help us by logging issues/improvement ideas via the in-build reporting tool (F12). Thanks a lot!

Ps.: special thanks to @Dusty_Monk and Firesnakearies for gathering so many bugs for us! 

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