Pre-alpha - Main Screen UI
27 Jun | 10:00 am

As a strategy-RPG hybrid, Vagrus is pretty heavy on UI, so a lot of our effort goes into designing a functional and appealing UI for various elements of the game. Today, we'll take a look at our progress with the 'main UI', which is on the campaign map. This is what the player will see the most of and it's UI has to be a gateway to several key game elements.

  • Top left: The papers here display the main stats a comitatus has (supplies, movement points, money, etc.). Clicking on it opens the detailed management UI that deals with your crew, cargo, hero characters, and deputies, respectively. Below you can see the appointed deputies (heroes can take on important roles in the caravan, such as Guard Captain, Navigator, or Quartermaster). This part is the most information-heavy of the whole main UI.
  • Bottom left: There are two main UI elements here, the Leader UI and your Journal. The Leader UI (medallion with the vague silhouette) can be clicked to open the Leader management UI for details (leveling up and checking your stats in detail). In this state, it shows your Resourcefulness (purple display), which you can use to boost the actions of your crew and heroes. The Journal serves as a log for your actions. Storyline/quest information, as well as rumors and contracts are kept here.
  • Bottom right: This book is what we call the Codex. The game has an expansive dark fantasy world so from the beginning we knew that there's going to be two kinds of players: those who want to learn more of the world and those who want to concentrate on other aspects of the game. Enter the Codex. It lists world information in the form of entries that you can read any time - though you don't have to. But it's more than just that, because every bunch of entry the player gains (learns about) gives XP to your character, so it becomes a form of advancement tool, too.
  • The middle part displays the campaign map where a significant portion of the game plays out. Here you move your comitatus (caravan) around, explore the world, enter settlements, send out scouts, find shortcuts, and trigger events (encounters and story pieces of all kinds). On the map, you move through paths between nodes. A more in-depth, albeit older, outline of how that works can be found here:
  • Top right: This part is not populated by UI elements yet, but the Calendar and the Chart (a map of the whole continent) is coming soon.
Of course, this is just a quick glance at something we could talk about for hours, really, but it might give you an idea of the awesome complexities and intricacies of the UI.

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