Vagrus Verified on Steam Deck
08 Aug | 7:00 pm

Good news, everyone: Vagrus – the Riven Realms has finally gained verified status on Steam Deck! It’s been a long haul, but we have finally reached our goal. We were originally able to attain the simple playable badge, and then, through continuous testing and grit among certain team members, we created and released a build last week that Valve was able to test and approve for verified status. We’d like to express our gratitude to you, the players, without whom we might not have made it this far. The game is already live on Steam Deck, but if you are familiar with it, you may now notice the presence of a new, shiny verified badge. Naturally, we recommend you give it a go!

These efforts have been part of a general push to get the game to as many platforms as possible, while continuously bringing new quality-of-life features to Vagrus. This includes support for controllers and most small screens, translations into a variety of languages (mostly machine-based), and an overwatch rework to name but a few. Then there’s our forthcoming expansion, the most recent devlog of which you can check out here. All in all, we’ve had our hands quite full. More updates are soon to come, so until then, stay tuned, stay safe, and conquer the wasteland!

– The Lost Pilgrims Team

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