Lore Post - Wazirhai
03 Aug | 9:00 pm

Wazirhai, an oasis deep in the Bronze Desert, has been neglected and overlooked for a long time – until the Ratharnak Alliance has boldly purchased its exploitation rights. Soon, a fortified encampment was set up so that the agents of the Trading House could easily access the oil reserves under the lakes only to find that no such pockets existed. Slightly disheartened, the Ratharnak decided to stay nevertheless and build up a different sort of operation in this land so far from their beloved Dragonlands.

The Draconic Trading House’s persistence is especially curious in light of the legend that speaks of the terrible Curse of Wazir, which was allegedly placed upon the oasis by the ancient Necromancer who gave the place its name. Could the curse be real and the cause behind the Ratharnak’s apparent failure or is there more that meets the eye?

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