Teaser: War in Hakhtarast
12 Oct | 10:00 am

In this week’s post, we’re proud to present you with one of the more perilous locations in the already conflict-ridden Bronze Desert: Hakhtarast. This sullied oasis and the eponymous town in it are home to a colorful cast of characters – Imperial, Handjari, and Bandul live and work inside its confines. War has seen the settlement beset by the Ahari, engulfing it in a series of ongoing skirmishes, murders, and a bid for control of both the oil operations as well as the once-sacred ponds and lakes. Most Bandul scowl at its ruinous nature, eager to admonish the defiling that has so marred its confines but none go as far as the warlike Ahari.

Be your own judge: does it look like a place where a vagrus might like to do business? Opportunities are rife, as are chances to make powerful allies. Farud al-Radan of the Handjari controls the market’s central complex, and Tribune Benedictus heads up Darkstone Garrison – a bare-bones operation of legionnaires and Handjari warriors –, pushing back the Ahari insurgents who besiege the town at all turns. Though the latter are elusive, their attacks cannot continue unabated without allies forever.

Among so many fully fleshed-out locations, points of interest, and quests, we are increasingly excited to release Sunfire and Moonshadow. As we draw ever closer, do you as you always do and stay vigilant, stay safe, and conquer the wasteland!

– The Lost Pilgrims Team

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