Project Update - Change in Push and Pull Skills
13 Apr | 10:00 am

Hello everyone,

This time we have tweaked push and pull effects in Companion combat – something we have been looking to do for a while. Until now, upon being successfully targeted by push or pull Skills, characters switched positions along horizontal lines. From now on, however, they may move diagonally as well, depending on the positions of the attacker and the defender. This means that the positioning of Companions will have a larger influence on what happens during combat, thus introducing an additional tactical layer.

In case the character executes a pull Skill while being positioned in a different line than the target, the affected character will be moving forward diagonally instead of simply moving forward.

In case both the attacker and the target are in the same line during a pull action while there is an obstacle in front of the target, it will move to the front row diagonally, too. In case there is more than a single free position in the front, the “destination position” will be decided at random.

In the same way, a character can be pushed from the front to the back: the direction the attack is coming from will influence the “destination position” of a character affected by a push or a pull action. In case there is more than a single free position in the back row, the “destination position” will be decided at random.

For example, if a push action is executed from the front bottom position, the target will simply be relocated to the top back position.

These changes are also important because we are going to introduce obstacles into Companion combat soon, resulting in more immovables and cover on the battleground. We will discuss those in a future post.

Until then, take care and conquer the wasteland!

-The Lost Pilgrims team

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