Announcing Steam Community Items & Upcoming April Fool
30 Mar | 12:00 pm

Hello everyone,

Are you ready for our Community Items?

Many of you might be familiar with Steam Trading Cards and other community items. Essentially, you can collect cards for playing games for which the feature is available. Complete sets of cards can be crafted into game badges that appear on your profile, earning you marketable items, such as profile backgrounds, emoticons, and coupons. They contribute to your Steam Level and are a fun way to show your love and dedication to the games you love.

Since we most definitely love Vagrus, we wanted to provide you with yet another way to engage with it and so we proudly present our very own community items. By playing the game, you are able to collect Steam Trading Cards, which you can turn into backgrounds, emoticons, and coupons. Players already owning the game should retroactively receive a number of cards corresponding to the amount of time they have spent playing Vagrus (capped at 6, half the maximum available by Steam default).

Our trading cards feature companions, backgrounds are beautiful displays of (mostly) location art, while badges and emotes consist of a set of coins and fun icons from the game, respectively.

The full list of all the neat little goodies to collect is as follows:

  • Badges (6)
  • Trading Cards (12)
  • Profile Backgrounds (9)
  • Emotes (10)
  • Animated Profile Backgrounds (3)
  • Animated Avatars (3)
  • Animated Avatar Frames (3)
  • Stickers (2)


April Fool's Day Sale

To celebrate this crazy happy occasion, Vagrus and its DLCs will be available for purchase at a discount throughout the upcoming weekend.

Until next time, stay tuned for more, and conquer the wasteland!

-The Lost Pilgrims Team

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