New Codex UI (Alpha)
14 Mar | 10:00 am

As we are cycling through and iterating the various UI elements of the game, we have now arrived to the Codex and gave it a neat little redesign. Many of you have enjoyed reading Codex entries (yay!) and we wanted to upgrade and update the experience, especially along the lines of your feedback.

Coincidentally, we ended up redesigning the Codex because we moved to Unity 2018.3 that allows a better management of assets and settings. In order to add new features to the Journal (like News and Rumors) we had to rebuild it from scratch in the new Unity version and so we decided to include the Codex in that revamp, which was quite effective from a code perspective. It mainly changed how we present and run the filters, sorting, and the entry statuses, like whether it is new or not.

Grabbing the opportunity of that re-engineering effort, we also wanted a step up on the visual side, including eight different art assets on the right side of the Codex, each tied to the main category of the given entry. For example, the image of the wrathful gods from the intro can be seen for entries in the 'Deities' category, the Imperial Fortress image can be seen for the 'Imperial' category, while the dreadful bones of the Leviathan can be seen for the 'Point of Interest' category.

With the change we also unified and simplified filtering. Now you can select only one filter instead of the previous toggle options for each that really just confused people. We also removed the static Insight bar which was misunderstood by players more often than not, and did not provide useful information anyways. Now Codex-related Insight gains (that come from every 10th gained Codex entry) are reported out on the Game Log, similarly to Journal and Codex updates.

We hope you'll like these changes and they will make your searching and reading the Codex easier and smoother.

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