Character Artwork - Vorax
12 Mar | 10:00 am

Foul-mouthed, easy-going, hearty, and chatty, the creature now known as 'Vorax' (meaning 'ravenous' in Imperial) is an undead abomination who can become one of your companions. He woke up one day in this bloated unliving form with no memory whatsoever of who he was or what he had done to deserve this fate. Yet his will is free, unbound to dark magicians (a rarity for undead), so he decided not to worry about it and get about his new 'life' with great enthusiasm.

The thing is, Vorax craves food all the time even though his decaying corpse can not digest it and in truth he can not taste it. Over the years, he has become a quartermaster and jack-of-all-trades, serving under vagri such as the player.

In combat, Vorax is a supporting character with unique abilities such as Deadweight (where he places obstacle on the battlefield), Inflamatory Insults (which pulls an enemy into the melee row), or Every Corpse for Itself (where Vorax flees to the back row while eating to heal himself).


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