Location Artwork - Stone Forest
19 Mar | 10:00 am

Stone forests are comprised of thousands upon thousands of standing, pointed stone spires or pillars of varying heights and girth. Carved by arcane winds initially, and further chipped by the unceasing gales ever since the post-Calamity wastelands were formed, these forests are now mazes of rocks and gullies where one can easily get lost. Occasionally, a 'stone tree' falls when there's movement about, which makes navigating these labyrinths even riskier.

Nonwithstanding getting lost or stonefalls, the shade and shelter presented by the spires often draws outlaws, monsters, or worse - so one has to be cautious when choosing to enter. The Arkoros Forest, the Stonethorn, and Terathion's Fall are all great examples of stone forest regions and are still visited to varying degree despite the dangers they represent.


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