Character Artwork - Orc Juggernaut
27 Aug | 10:00 am

'A simple matter, eh? A wee bit o' thrashin', you said, a right an' proper shindin'. Just seventeen guys, you said. What you forgot to mention is those seventeen are bloody Orcs, every single one of 'em! From the Chipped Fang tribe, no less. So here's your coin, find someone else to get killed. The Dread Reavers ain't takin' this one.'

- Lahgdanar, captain of the Dread Reavers to his would-be employer

Orcs are reputedly very tough customers but the most imposing fighters of these fierce tribal communities can become hulking, armored juggernauts, wearing reclaimed armor pieces of metal and wielding savage weapons of their own devising. Often these warriors can be found in prominent roles in mercenary companies, pirate crews, or marauding Orc warbands. You will more than likely encounter your fair share of them while traversing the cursed wastelands of the Riven Realms.

In gameplay terms, Orc Juggernauts live up to their name by displaying amazing durability and packing quite a punch. It is very difficult to move, stun, or impede them in any way, so you will have to mitigate the damage they do in clever ways. They can also charge with their buckler, pushing back opponents and causing them to become disoriented. All in all, Juggernauts are the top line of the Orc roster and are not to be taken lightly even with an experienced group of companions.


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