Project Update - Laurels, New Fig Milestones, and Platform Announcement
29 Aug | 3:00 pm

Laurels All Around

In our endeavour to get Vagrus into the sights of as many cRPG lovers as we can, we applied for featured spots in a number of nearby game shows - successfully! Not only did we get invited to present Vagrus the game itself but our art design and developer pitch has been rewarded as well making it into the official selection of said shows (see above). That reminds us to bring to your attention the upcoming opportunities to meet us in person:

  • 'Devs behind the game' at Vault 51 Gamer Bar in Budapest (Hungary) on August 22. [Facebook event]
  • Game Dev Days 2019 in Graz (Austria) on September 6 - 8 [GDD 2019]
  • The Strasbourg Fantastic Film Festival in Strasbourg (France) on September 20-22[FEFFS]
  • AdventureX 2019 at The British Library in London (United Kingdom) on November 2-3[AdvX2019]

New Milestones Revealed

We are also planning to announce some new features and enhancements that are coming down the line for our Patrons here on Patreon and our Backers over at Fig. There are smaller and bigger ones, all leading up to the major release that will be the Open World campaign of Vagrus. Excited? Check out our milestone tracker below.

...and saving it for last, our 'clickbait' headline:

Platform Announcement: GOG Accepted Vagrus Into Their Portfolio

Back when we kicked off our crowdfunding campaign we said we were in talks with GOG about potentially publishing Vagrus there. Considering GOG's curated approach with probably the highest standards among the top gaming platforms, today we are extremely proud and happy to announce that we are planning to sign a distribution agreement with GOG for Vagrus - The Riven Realms soon.


Here's what GOG's game assessment team shared back about Vagrus:

...the beautiful UI, enemy design, extremely well developed lore and worldbuilding. The game is challenging in a good way and maintains a “feeling of oppression” that accompanies the player as he pushes forward. The amount of text might not be to everyone’s liking but knowing our user base the game should fit very well.

Needless to say, we are extremely proud and grateful to everyone who helped us get here. So again, thanks for your support, know that it means a lot to us and to the project!

The Lost Pilgrims Team


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