Vagrus Pre-Alpha Combat Demo #3
16 May | 10:00 am

Here's another short video on the combat of Vagrus for you to check out!

This time, apart from the new combat background, enemies called the Cinderborn are shown in action. These smoldering undead inflict fire damage over time effects with their attacks.

You can also see Javek, a mage well-versed in spells that afflict the mind use some of his powers to buff himself and Sedarias with Premonition (which makes them act quicker/earlier in a turn). However, this does not save him from being downed by a Cinderborn later. Downed characters cannot act, but can be saved by healing abilities, or spending Resourcefulness. While downed, enemies can still hit and damage them, potentially killing them for good. Lucky for the player, most enemies don't get downed, but are outright taken out of action permanently. Most enemies. :)

Hope you enjoyed what you saw. We'll keep you posted on new additions to combat as we go.

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