Vagrus Demo on Xbox
07 Dec | 1:00 pm

Hey everyone,

You might be aware that Vagrus has been verified on Steam Deck but did you know that the game is – sort of – available on Xbox, too? As part of the 'ID@Xbox Game Demo Fest: Winter 2023', for a limited time, the demo version of Vagrus is available on Xbox. That’s right! Back during summer, their event team put out a call for game demos. We figured why not apply, so we did and we made it into the prestigious 33 selected demos!

That’s where the easy part ended. From a coding perspective, things turned out to be much harder than we had expected. We encountered issues with Unity versus Xbox versus other tools that we couldn’t figure out even with the help of Unity’s pro helpdesk. Thus, we ended up running the game on a previous version, which means our latest builds for the main game aren’t going to be in there for the Fest, unfortunately. Furthermore, the security restrictions on Xbox don’t allow for an F1 reporting function, at least for now. Therefore, if you find anything to report on Xbox, please let us know on our Discord server.

Either way, we are still very proud to have our demo up and running on Xbox so that new players can experience it for themselves as well. Some of you out there may interpret this as a sign that the main game might eventually land on the console as well. Let’s leave it at that – *nudge nudge wink wink*.

Stay safe, stay tuned, and conquer the wasteland!

- The Lost Pilgrims Team

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