Project Update - Upcoming Changes Part I.
25 Mar | 12:00 am

With March well underway, we are finally stepping out of the bug-fixing phase of the development of Vagrus. Of course, there are still a number of glitches and issues left (both smaller and more serious ones) but at least the improvements that we began designing and implementing in January are starting to bear fruit.

In this post, we are taking a look at the first bunch of these improvements. Why are these being added first? On the one hand, they relate to some features that were developed for the next companion character that is coming to the game. On the other, they tend to give more agency to players in certain areas of the game and so we felt it was prudent to have them arrive earlier.

Companion UI

We reworked the majority of the UI pane for Companions and much of what we did was based on player feedback. The interface now comes across as much more obvious, easier to read, including targeting information on skills as well as other information represented by icons (each with its own tooltip). Power cost is also prominently featured now.

Gear and Prowess Options

The improved Companion UI is now readily accessible during combat deployment and Companion selection (during Events) to provide more agency to players. This means that you can now change Gear and level up Companions on these screens, too (except in Crew Combat ambushes and its subsequent rounds).

Matching these changes, enemies in Companion combat also received their own pane with stats and information that you can browse to be able to make decisions regarding your Companions' Gear and Perks.

Companion Selection Rework

This specific rework involved moving the Companion portraits from the left onto the Event scroll itself so that the Companion UI can open in its place.

Assigning Deputies on the Fly

Last but not least, a new feature snuck into this new build, too: you will be able to reassign Deputies during the day at the cost of Resourcefulness from time to time. The timer is an in-game week just like with some of the other Leadership skills (lowered by the Authority stat). 

We'll cut this off for now but return soon with a follow-up post detailing changes relating to Companion combat mechanics.

Stay tuned, stay safe, and conquer the wasteland!

- The Lost Pilgrims Team


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