Project Update - Vorax Reintroduction
31 Mar | 10:00 am

With the release of Vagrus behind us along with the production of the Collectors' and Emperors' Editions, we are getting back into the swing of developing new stuff for the game. We are now concentrating on our first free-LC, which will add the companion called Vorax into the game. He's been shown off before but since then he's received a bit of a visual overhaul. He'll come with his own background, loyalty questline, and unique abilities, providing players a much-needed second option for a Supercargo.

Here's a blurb about this jolly sack of rotting meat, just to give you a rough idea what to expect:

Vorax means “gluttonous” in the Imperial tongue, a name this Undead earned because he keeps devouring food even though his dead innards can no longer digest it. Yet he does it almost involuntarily, which is something of a mystery rivaling only his return from the echoing halls of Tartaris. Foul-mouthed and grimly jovial, Vorax recalls nothing from his former life except for his cooking skills. That — coupled with his obsession with food, as well as his exceptionally sharp mind — makes him a great quartermaster, a particularly useful perk for comitati. He seems to be solely interested in campfire stories, good eating, and traveling around the continent but some believe that terrible secrets are hiding beneath all that geniality. Vorax pays little mind to them, however, only wishing to please his comes with great meals.

- The Lost Pilgrims Team


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