Project Update - Quest, Quests, and More Quests!
30 Sep | 8:00 pm

This week’s devblog is all about the plethora of quests being added to Vagrus with the full launch on October 5th. The update will include a revamped UI, a new companion to recruit, and plenty of quests to find on your journies across the wastelands. Let’s take a look at what’s coming!

Revamped User Interface and Extended Campaign Map

The cartographers of the wastelands have been hard at work preparing a new version of the Chart. There will soon be eight new points of interest on the campaign map with the remaining part of the Searing Plains becoming accessible along withthem. These locations are deep in the desert so don't forget to resupply your comitatus before you set out on an expedition.

Vagrus’ crew and settlement UI panes are also getting some much needed upgrades to make navigating the menu a more user-friendly experience. We previously covered some of the changes here and here, and you can even find a short video showcasing many of the changes on our YouTube Channel.

Companion Quests

Previously we detailed how each companion in the game will have a loyalty questline. These long, complex stories will allow characters to level up to Prowess 9 and give you some incredible rewards, though you might need to raise their loyalty through gifts and other means as well. Multiple endings are also available for some of the companion quests.

Introducing Eylani, the Newest Companion

An opportunity for recruiting a new companion is opening up! We are adding Eylani, a Half-Elven warrior, wanderer, beastmaster, and huntress. Not only is she a formidable frontline fighter able to tank a lot of hurt but can also use Striker, her falcon, to disrupt enemies, as well as overwatch positions to cause good damage. You will be able to meet with her in one of the new locations. Additionally, Eylani will also have her own companion storyline!

The Sand Wyrm Invasion Quest

Take caution while traversing the endless dunes! It has been reported that hordes of abominable Sand Wyrms have attacked comitati traveling across the Searing Plains. Try to slay the monstrous Wyrms with your allies before the creatures cause even more mayhem!

Embark on a Spiritual Journey with the Sadirar Tribes

Among the scorching dunes of the wastelands, you may stumble upon its native inhabitants, the spiritual Sadirar. As a part of a new questline, you'll be guided by the Shamans of the four tribes who will enlighten you about the four elemental Great Spirits.

A New Ambition

We're also planning to add a new Ambition: Wealth. It's still in development and has to undergo a thorough testing phase, which means that while it will be available at character creation at the time of the launch, it may not be implemented all the way through, but rest assured: even what's left out will be coming to the game in a matter of one or two weeks. The challenge it poses comes from its appeal: as part of their win condition, players will be able to build their own outpost. Wealth will be coming as the second available Ambition for new vagri, next to the already available Renown option. Changing from Freeplay to Renown or Wealth will be an option as well.

Centurion Edition

On October 5th, the Centurion Edition of Vagrus will be released. It includes the base game, Soundtracks, and the Patronage Pack at a special launch price. Those who already own the game base will be able to purchase the DLC individually as well.

As we get closer to the launch, we’d like to take a moment to thank all of you for your continued support - this game would not have been possible without you, the players. We look forward to sharing exciting news with you all post-launch!

Stay tuned and conquer the wasteland!

- The Lost Pilgrims Team


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