Project Update - June 2018
26 Jun | 10:00 am

A lot has happened since our last project update, so let's dig in without delay!

Expanding team

Beside Marci who has recently joined our ranks as an intern and is already working on implementing new features for the game in Unity + C#, we have also got two new writers checking out our self-developed event editor tool to ready themselves for mass content production once we plunge into that phase (right after publishing our playable demo). Rest assured that we will post details about them and their work when we get there. 


The game

As we add new features and load new content day by day into our prototype, we more and more often spill our coined sentence: 'It's really starting to look like an actual game!' It may sound funny but those are actually great moments when, if you look around, you see proud faces with gleaming eyes. Of course everyone knows that what we see is the result of long days of work and that there is tons of work ahead but still, it is important to stop and enjoy those moments. For those of us who left their corporate careers behind, exchanging the 'another cog in the machine' role for 'this', I can easily summaries our feelings: no regrets! :)



For every indie game studio funding is a crucial point of course, since they must foot the bills, pay the freelance artists, and regardless how dedicated the team members are, they all need to eat and lodge somewhere. So raising money to cover those is part of the job, and that is no small feat I tell you in case you are a team of four plus four (core and freelance).

We are immensely fortunate. We have friends and family in our lives who believe in us so firmly and passionately that they decided to pitch in to support us so we can continue on this journey. We are grateful to have their support and even more grateful to be granted with lives where this was possible, where we are surrounded with family and friends. Not everyone has that and it is good to remind ourselves sometimes. A thought that humbles us, for we are immensely fortunate.


Social media presence

As another fellow indie developer well formulated: 'gathering followers for a fresh studio is like trying to start an avalanche with pushing a snowball uphill.' 'You just need to get through the hill and release the ball on the other side' - I would add to complete the analogy. That is no complaint though but actually a proud statement as since our last update we doubled our followers and continue to stride steadily. That is well presented by having gained an additional eight followers since the image for this post was prepared last night.

The most important message here though is this: You are truly awesome! You guys who joined our supporter and follower base so early on in our journey. A huge thank you!

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