Pre-Alpha Crew UI Screens
18 Jul | 10:00 am

Because you play as a leader of a caravan of sorts, a big part of Vagrus is how you manage your crew. The Crew Management UI aids you in your management tasks and displays information on your crew's stats. Crew management also includes the character sheets of the named 'Hero' characters, where you can check their stats and manage their progression. These characters can also play important roles in the crew, becoming your closest aides, called Deputies.

Here's a little explanation on what goes on in this short clip:

  • Crew Pane: One of the most important resource in the game is your crew. On this UI pane, you can see the stats connected to you crew: the number of each sub-type of crew (workers, slaves, fighters, outriders, scouts) and your beasts (burden-hauling beasts and mounts). Combining a mount and a fighter makes an outrider, which you can see happen in the video.
    There are some other important stats here, like your passengers (with some info on their consumption of supplies and possible combat strength), the Morale of the crew, as well as their current physical state called Vigor (Fresh, Fatigued, Exhausted, etc).
    Because your crew has to eat and be paid (some of them at least), you can also see a detailed list of their consumption and upkeep as well. These have to be dealt with as time progresses in game.

  • Deputies Pane: The video moves onto the Deputies Pane and you can see a list of characters currently in the comitatus who can fill the role of a deputy. There are several restrictions on deputies. First, there's a general cap on the number of deputies you can have at a given time; what deputies they are does not matter, though you can't have doubles (for example, in the video the player can only have 3 deputies, but it can be any 3 of the 12 kinds of deputy). And second, a specific character can only be one or two kinds of deputy (for example, Javek can only be Chief Handler and nothing else). Both of these (the player's deputy max and each character's deputy type) can be enhanced by progression.
    Deputies not only provide stat bonuses to certain actions (for example, the Scoutmaster raises the chance of successful scouting) but also offer unique gameplay facets that are not available without a character being a certain deputy (for example, Navigators reveal shortcut paths between nodes).
    In the video, the player promotes Sedarias to be a Guard Captain.

  • Characters Pane: The video then moves onto the Characters Pane (by clicking on Morwen's navigation button) where the stats of each 'hero' character can be observed (more on these in a future post). Prowess is a number that represents the overall strength and experience of a character. The player in the video goes on to raise Morwen's Prowess to the next level, which unlocks Proficiency Points. These are then spent on purchasing Perks, which make the character better in what she does.

There are a lot of things happening in this short video and we could talk about much more, but for now, this should be enough to give you a rough idea on some mechanics related to crew and characters.

We hope you enjoyed this short demonstration. :)

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