Pre-Alpha Leader UI screen
01 Aug | 10:00 am

It is finally time to look at the stats and systems related to the vagrus, that is, YOU, the player's character in the game (aka Leader). You can interact with the Leader UI screen (opened by clicking the leader's medallion in the bottom left) in order to manage said stats and improve your character.

The top part displays the leader's name, race, calling, ambition, and renown.

  • Name: the player will be able to name their vagrus.
  • Race: the player will be able to select the race of their vagrus. Race provides unique bonuses to perks and stats. In the prologue, the race of the player is fixed for narrative reasons.
  • Calling: The player must select a calling for their vagrus at the start of the game, which represents what the character identifies the most as professionally; trader, mercenary, or explorer. These define starting stats and perks but you are never locked out of anything later.
  • Ambition: Also selected at character creation, the ambition is the current goal of the game, be it wealth, fame, knowledge, or something more related to the narrative. Once you complete the ambition, you 'win' the game, though you can stay and select a new one.
  • Renown: A number that represents the overall fame of the vagrus. It can be raised by gaining reputation with factions or completing storylines that earn you fame or notoriety. Apart from the fame ambition, it is used in certain stories to give you benefits.

The part below the top displays Resourcefulness, Authority, and Insight.

  • Resourcefulness: This stat is a measure of how well you can adapt to situations. It refreshes every turn and you can spend it on a variety of actions depending on what kind of Leadership perks you have unlocked (for example, more Movement Points, buffs in combat, bonuses in Events, etc). Represented by purple gems, Resourcefulness can be found on the leader medal as well, but here on the Leader UI screen you can raise it by spending Insight.
  • Authority: Authority dictates how many deputies you can have. You start with relatively few but you can raise it (spending Insight) up to a maximum of 6 deputy slots. Deputies are specialized characters you can recruit who help you in one or more aspects of caravan management (Scout Masters, Navigators, Quartermasters, Guard Captains, etc).
  • Insight: The game's 'experience points', Insight can be gained by completing certain storylines or gaining knowledge in the form of codex entries. Insight has no maximum, so you can save it up or spend it whenever you deem fit. Base Resourcefulness, Authority, and perks can be bought using it, but you can also use it to level up your hero characters.

The larges part in the middle displays the Perks you leader has. Perks can be bought using Insight. Once you've made up your mind, you can finalize the purchase with the pip button or revert with the circular arrow button. Perks are grouped into three main categories:

  • Leadership: These are exclusive to the vagrus (the other two kinds of Perks can be taken by hero characters as well) and allow the spending of Resourcefulness on various actions.
  • Professions: Learned skills that are mainly used in Tests in Events. Go up to level 3.
  • Attributes: Innate skills that are mainly used in Tests in Events. Go up to level 5.

Additionally, a description of the last selected item from this screen (Perk, stat) can be seen at the bottom of the Leader UI.

The banner that you can see on the left is the one that will also display on the campaign map (representing the comitatus). You can select one when you start and earn more as you progress in game (factions, renown, and certain storylines can give you new banners). This is a purely cosmetic thing but it helps customize your own band of wasteland vagabonds.

Also of cosmetic importance is the leader's silhouette that you can see 'inside' the medallion. This is selected from a range of available images at character creation and it is vague on purpose.

As you can see, following classical RPG traditions, the game is fairly complex when it comes to stats. We are very excited to learn what you think. :)

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