Character Poses - Slinger
03 Aug | 10:00 am

It's time to share some combat images for the character 'Slinger' (more on him here: ).

  • Get that one! (top left) - The Slinger marks a target for the other outlaws to attack. Target defenses are lowered.
  • Hit (top right) - Displayed when the Slinger is hit.
  • Idle (bottom left) - Idle frame for the Slinger.
  • Sling Shot (bottom right) - First phase image of one of the sling attacks used by the Slinger. There are several types of attacks with the sling that he can perform.

Not only is the Slinger a deadly ranged character, often ignoring armor but also one who can direct his comrades in battle to focus fire on a target. Needless to say, whenever you are up against a group of outlaws with a Slinger, it's a good idea to get rid of him as fast as possible.

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