Main Menu and New Game
09 Aug | 10:00 am

The time has come to show you the Main Menu of the game, which might not sound super-exciting at first, but with the title screen artwork in its background it's quite a beauty. I'd rather not waste words on the menu points, they speak for themselves.

After you select New Game, you are taken to a scene that we usually call 'the campfire scene' internally. This is basically and interactive, contextualized character creation sequence, in which you answer questions to set up your vagrus. In the Prologue, however, which is the story of another vagrus, the 'campfire scene' only serves as an introduction to the story.

Both artworks (menu and campfire scene) are breathtakingly beautiful and are great in setting up the stage for what is to come. We'd love to hear what you think about these and thank you for the continued interest in our progress!

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