Location Artwork - The Molten Tongue
15 Feb | 11:23 pm

Hey guys, we've got another location artwork here for you, and a little backstory to match it:

Before the Calamity, Dvendar Tharr was the homeland of all Dwarves on the continent, a kingdom unmatched in technological advancements, inventions, and inventive ambition. One of the most ancient of Dwarven royal lines, the kings of Dvendar Tharr were sympathetic to humans and aided them from as early as the Second Age. The Inventor Kings showed early Imperials the art of metalworking and stonemasonry, helped build their cities, and taught them the art of mining. Dvendar Tharr itself was abundant with metal and precious stones, so much so that in their arrogance, the Inventor Kings of the Third Age forgot the wise ways of their forefathers and started rebuilding their massive stone fortresses and arching bridges purely from iron. 

When the work was done, gigantic monuments and vast cities made entirely of metal stood proud among the great mountains of the west. Metal roads were erected high above the canyons and valleys. When the Calamity hit, the slumbering volcanoes of Dvendar Tharr burst with a cataclysmic force and melted the iron cities, killing millions in minutes. Large rivers of lava emerged, the sky became ash and the air turned poison. The few that survived fled the kingdom, and became a homeless, wandering, disgruntled people with no hope or future.

The area at the foot of the mountains became a no-man’s land. The many lava flows in the central mountain ranges merged into a single, giant lava river that flows eastwards and travels hundreds of miles before gathering into lakes of magma or slowing down and cooling into mounds. This river is the Molten Tongue. Not much can live near the lava formations, but that does not mean that fools don’t try to travel there every now and again, looking to find scrap metal left behind by Dwendar Tharr. The Calamity cursed the land to bleed lava forever, so the Molten Tongue has been spilling forth for over a thousand years.

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