Pre-Alpha Map Movement V2 - with music!
11 Feb | 11:17 pm

Here's a second look of how the comitatus (caravan) led by the vagrus (the player) moves on the world map. It is still pretty early stuff, a lot can and will change, but it should give a good idea of how things will work. A few thoughts on the movement mechanics that might further clarify what you can see in the video:

  • Movement on the world map of Xeryn is turned-based. Players start their turns (which equals a new day in-game) with a number of available Movement Points.
  • Players always stand on nodes, and can move between them (on the paths) by spending Movement Points.
  • Based on the terrain, the road - if any, and weather conditions, as well as the distance of the next node, the cost of movement between nodes is markedly different. You can see this represented by the little numbers next to each line on the video.
  • As the available Movement Points are spent, the possibilities of the routes taken are narrowed down and that is represented by the nodes and lines fading away in the areas now unavailable for the comitatus.
  • When the caravan runs out of Movement Points, it is unwilling to push on that given turn, and needs to Camp on the node it currently occupies. Camping refreshes Movement Points (and will also have a lot of other functions later on).
  • There's also the option to March, indicated by the red target node and path, which occurs when a comitatus opts to move beyond its available Movement Points in a given turn.  March provides bonus Movement Point for several turns (days) in a row. Mind you, relentless marching comes at a cost as the comitatus gains fatigue debuffs, but it may be able to outrun dangers or press on for a while to save supplies or keep deadlines. 

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