Location Artwork - The Emperor's Road
22 Jan | 10:00 am

Another week, another location artwork! This time, somewhat of an odd 'location' at that, one that is not really a region of its own right but a road that crosses many areas. Chances are, you'll see it a lot.

So what is the Emperor's Road? Here's a little background:

Originally built by the pre-Calamity Emperors, these roads are elevated on stable and sturdy dykes and are made of stone. This is the only major road that is maintained by the Imperial authorities today, a thousand years after the cataclysm. At intervals, guard towers and shelters are kept in relatively good condition, which means protection but also taxes. Thus, many comitati simply pick the ‘shadow road’, that is, the more dangerous but more profitable wilderness. The road runs from the cityport of Toht in the north to the capital city in the south, crossing most major regional centers on the way.

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