Icons! Icons Everywhere!
23 Oct | 10:00 am

You may have noticed that Vagrus is pretty heavy on UI, being a strategy/resource management game and an RPG rolled into one. A lot of UI means a lot of buttons and icons, and drawing those is a challenge in its own right. Not only because of the size of the set but also due to the requirement of having them look right: easy to discern and to tell each apart from the rest.

Thanks to Szonja, we now have lots of beautiful icons for various things in the game, most of which you'll see a lot of as they are things you can get your hands on:

  • Companion Gear: Gear provides bonuses to Companions when equipped. Each piece is unique and two can be given to a single Companion.
  • Equipment: Your comitatus can be fitted with a bunch of upgrades that we refer to as Equipment.
  • Trade Goods: There is a large number of trade goods you can buy, sell, or loot in the game, and each of these has its own unique icon.

Combat Skills also have their unique icons (as part of the revamped combat UI - read about it here: but we'll talk about those in a future post where we'll go into details on Skill types and synergies.


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