Expansion Teaser: Oil Fields
29 Jun | 10:00 am

With our expansion Sunfire and Moonshadow looming ever closer on the horizon, we decided to talk a bit about the most valuable treasure the expansion region has to offer: oil. Yes, indeed. Ever wondered where denizens of the Riven Realms get their precious oil? This week's teaser showcases one of the prime locations where they are found: throughout the Bronze Desert.

The Bronze Desert has a number of these locations where oil is being extracted from deep underneath the shifting sands. Oil fields tend to stretch out into the vastness of the undulating dunes where groups of simple but robust oil wells nod along in the desert heat. Pumps and other crude machinery can be seen along with smaller dwellings, all of them interconnected with miles of pipes encrusted in hardened dirt and dry oil. The singular purpose of these greasy-mucky orchestras of engineering is bringing the “black gold” to the surface, turning tidy profits for their owners to line their pockets with.

Naturally, oil fields are of high interest to Trading Houses and other factions. They are constantly guarded by small armies of mercenaries while workers and slaves toil away to keep the machinery functioning. The latter is a difficult task especially because the technology for oil extraction is rudimentary at best, relying on ancient and forgotten Dwarven inventions and knowledge possessed by few in the Fourth Age. On the surface, life may be dull at these oil fields, but make no mistake; competition between rivals is fierce, clandestine forces may be meddling with the state of affairs, and unseen dangers may lurk in the wasteland nearby. Will you dare to tread the oil-soaked sands?

Until next time, stay strong, stay vigilant, and conquer the wasteland!

– The Lost Pilgrims Team

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