Character Poses - The Orc Marauder
21 Aug | 10:00 am

Here are some character poses for the Orc Marauder enemy to feast your eyes upon!

  • Javelin Throw (top left): The marauder throws a poison-tipped bone javelin at the target.
  • Block (top right): Using his ivory sabres, the Orc blocks an attack.
  • Slice and Dice (bottom): The marauder lunges forward and strikes with one sabre, then - if that was successful - with the other sabre, and so on. This is potentially a very damaging attack.

The Orc Marauder is a hybrid character, effective mainly in melee but also quite capable when in the back line thanks to his javelin throw. Though not very effective against tanky or armored targets alone, the marauder is an expert in using burst damage to take down unprotected targets.

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