Camp UI (Pre-Alpha)
23 Aug | 10:00 am

One of the core mechanics of the game is that time passes in-game each turn (1 turn equals 1 day) and you, as the vagrus, have to plan ahead when it comes to distances, supply consumption, and upkeep. At the end of the day you make camp to rest and make decisions concerning the above. This is where the Camp UI comes in.

Let's go over the individual UI elements and talk about them:

Crew Morale and Crew Vigor: You can see how these stats have changed the given day and the current factors they effect.

Upkeep: This section lists all the upkeep you owe your crew in detail. You can always choose to pay them or keep postponing it till you reach a settlement. You have the option to promise them double wages for the day to raise their morale.

Consumption: This section details how much supplies your crew and beasts have consumed the given day. You can also select to give them more or less supplies the next day. Giving them less penalizes Vigor and Morale, while giving them more boosts these.

Crew Change: This section lists all changes to the crew on the given day. It also lists new companions or passengers.

Companions (Roster): Your companions can be interacted with in this section. You can talk to them by the campfire, which we call Banter. However, it is far from flavor only, as these conversations can lead to quest progression. The left button leads to the Deputies page so that you can change who your deputies are from these companions (Deputies give special bonuses to actions that are important to the caravan, such as scouting). The right button leads to the Treatment action where you can select to heal your companions' wounds.

Recreation/Defense: You can select (in settlements) which type of rest/recreation you want to purchase for the comitatus here. When camping in the wilderness, this is replaced with defensive options should the comitatus be attacked during the night.

When you're finished, you can click the End Day button to settle down for the night - however, you might still get nighttime events afterwards.

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