Character Poses - Finndurarth
24 Mar | 10:00 am

Finndurarth is an amazing asset to any comitatus because of her charisma, knack for diplomatic solutions, and upbeat spirit but when it comes to a battle, she is not a delicate flower at all. You probably want to place some sturdy meat-shield in front of her so that she can dish out unblockable magical damage to your foes or cast defensive spells to protect your Companions. Her Skills are versatile tools to be used in battle:

Electrify: A single-target attack that costs little Power and deals potentially good damage. It also applies a debuff on the target that saps their Initiative for the next turn.

Chain Lightning: This attack costs more Power but targets four positions, potentially damaging four enemies and debuffing their Initiative for a turn. Lethal against large groups.

 As with all lightning-based attacks, the two Skills above have a relatively large damage scatter but also a potentially high maximum.

Fly: At first, Fly is only a mobility Skill that basically places Finndurarth on whichever position you want but higher ranks of this Skill also add a breath attack from the air that deals a nice chunk of lightning damage.

Force Shield: Finndurarth casts this on herself or another Companion to raise the Armor and Resistances of the target for two turns. It is an amazing defensive ability if it is used cleverly.

When it comes to Finndurarth, you really only have to protect her and guarantee that her Power is refilled or regenerated in a longer combat sequence, and she'll be a powerful weapon in your hands. Few enemies can withstand the barrage of lightning damage and catch her as she repositions herself on the field of combat, and that makes her a great ally to have.

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