Character Artwork - Gladiator
18 Sep | 10:00 am

The Empire in the Riven Realms is based on the Roman Empire of our history, so it's no surprise that the gladiators of these cultures are also very similar.

This character artwork is that of the gladiator enemy that you can come across in arena battles. These arena or pit fights will feature in larger settlements, as the Empire of the Riven Realms is very fond of such bloody games.

This gladiator is a Murmillo, that is, one that carries the heaviest armor and helmet available for them, along with a large shield and a gladius. In-game, these enemies are tough to crack, as their shield and armor mean they can take quite a beating without yielding. They also have the ability to taunt (make enemies attack them) and destroy an enemy's defenses with a devastating shield bash.

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