Journal UI (Pre-Alpha)
20 Sep | 10:00 am

Time to talk about the Journal. Even though I don't think most gamers are super-excited about the details of in-game journals or quest logs, it is still extremely important to get them right in a game as complex and as full of storylines, tasks, quests, and objectives as Vagrus, and gamers do appreciate quest logs that work well and aid them when they need information.

As the video shows, the Journal is the place that administers your tasks and quests in Vagrus. On the left, you can see the entries. There are two main categories of entries: qualities and objectives. Qualities are things that describe important experiences, statuses, or knowledge, for example, an entry called 'Cassius' Secret' is added when you learn this important secret from an NPC. Qualities don't have related tasks you have to do but can be used in stories in many ways.

An Objective is some kind of task or a series of tasks you have to do to complete them and these often involve you in stories. They are quests or missions. For example, the objective 'The Price of Water' will send you to take some merchants to a settlement in return for payment. Most of the objectives can also be failed.

The Journal indicates their states (observe the different colors of icons before the entry name): active, completed, or failed. Over the list of entries are buttons you can use to filter the entries in a number of ways. You can also type in whatever you are looking for in a search field.

On the right page of the Journal, you can see the details of a selected entry. For Qualities, it is text only. For Objectives, you can see each completed and active stage of a quest and their sub-tasks below each greater step.

As you can see, we are going for a contextualized design again (just like with all the UI on the campaign map) and as much utility and usability as we can squeeze in. We'll be thrilled to hear your opinions on how we should tweak it (now or when you have a chance to check out the demo later this year).  The next step in improving the Journal will certainly be the separation of Qualities and Objectives, as well as the addition of separate panes for Rumors and Passengers.


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