Vagrus - The Riven Realms coming to Fig in April 2019
21 Mar | 10:00 am

We are proud to announce that Vagrus is coming to Fig in April 2019!

Our campaign is going to follow Fig's new Open Access model which shakes up the rather stale indie game crowdfunding scene by combining an open-ended campaign structure with offering supporters early involvement in development. Sounds like Early Access? Yes, it does have similarities but there are major differences:

  1. Firstly, and this is important: games typically enter Early Access close to a Beta development readiness stage, as opposed to Open Access which - as the name suggest - opens up the game for players much earlier in the process. The upside is that upon pledging, people can see the actual game (in its current form at the time) and see it improving month by month. That gives value in the sense that many times crowdfunding campaigns insinuate a development being already well on the way while in fact many of their images and gifs are only created with after effects, unlike in an Open Access campaign where you can get your hands on the product right away.
  2. Traditional Early Access offers the game only with a variety of frills to treat yourselves with (like having your name added to the Credits, getting the Digital Art book, designing your own enemy character). In our Fig campaign we aim to offer many options to get personally involved in creating Vagrus.
  3. There are no goals to speak of either during an Early Access period; you buy the game and that's it. In Fig's Open Access campaign though, pledges are accumulated and contribute to cover development milestones, like adding a new feature, content, or recording additional voice over. There will be smaller and bigger chunks of work that we add as milestones, showing everyone what we are going to work on and how much that will take.

The campaign will start with a so-called Backstage Pass (BSP) period where only people who signed up (and agreed to keep it confidential) see the campaign page. That serves to 'test the waters' and make improvements to the page, as well as to start the public part of the campaign from an elevated position. In Backstage Pass, we will also be offering special tiers (similar to 'Early bird' tiers in traditional Kickstarters). Should you or your friends be interested to see those offers, you can sign up for BSP on at any time.


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