The Narrator (Pre-Alpha)
01 Nov | 10:00 am

As we've previously hinted at, parts of the game Vagrus has a narrator in the person of Agos the wanderer. An older man and a vagabond, Agos stumbles upon the player one evening on the road and begins telling stories of his travels (if you let him, that is). One such story is the Prologue that you can play through to be introduced to the world and gameplay at the same time, essentially playing through the story Agos is telling.

Another time Agos is used as a narrator is the game's lore Intro video where the world itself and the concept of the Calamity is first introduced to the player.

In concert with Agos' character, we wanted an older voice with some vitriol and theatricality, someone with a deep voice but also someone with a range and expressiveness required for a storyteller that Agos is. We feel we've found exactly that and more with Charles, who provides the voice of the old vagabond, so we are super happy with how the narration is turning out.

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