Pre-Alpha Combat Demo #4
25 Jul | 10:00 am

It is time for a combat update!

Snippets from the video here were included in the Teaser Trailer but you can see these scenes in full now. Here's an outline of some interesting things and mechanics that you can see in the clip:

  • 5 second mark - Morwen uses the skill Whiplash, which pulls enemies from the back row to the front, making squishy ranged types (such as Crifta) easy targets for heavy hitters.
  • 10 second mark - Sedarias uses Cleave, which deals less damage than his Strike but targets two adjacent enemies. The Orc Marauder blocks this attack, negating much of the damage.
  • 18 second mark - The Executor is hit and receives a damage-over-time burn effect from the Cinderborn even though he blocked the damage of the attack.
  • 21 second mark - The Executor uses Shield Bash, which pushes frontline enemies back so that they waste actions coming back to the front.
  • 25 second mark - The Congregated, a large enemy (takes up one front and one back row slot) attacks Sedarias and fishes out a critical hit (deals extra damage). This downs Sedarias. Downed characters cannot act until healed either by another character or the vagrus (though it costs you dearly). Once their downed Vitality is depleted, characters become wounded and can die potentially.

Combat is beginning to shape up pretty good now that most Prologue characters and skills are in place. We can't wait to show you more. :)

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