One Million Key Strokes
13 Dec | 10:00 am

Well, we have just passed another major milestone in our content creation progress.

As mentioned in our post last week, with our Prologue ready from a content perspective, our writers have been already working on the Early Access stories for Vagrus.

In the Prologue we have well over one hundred thousand words worth of story and lore coming together from Events and Codex entries. Actually, even a bit more since the Narration and Tutorial texts are coming through another source and so are not included in the above numbers. Those two make up over four thousand words on top.

Mind you, Events are complex beasts with all their dependencies, choices and consequences, and the scripting of all those are included in the numbers. So let's look at those a bit as well, shall we?

While playing the Prologue, you may run into close to a hundred events with over six hundred steps and twice as many choices you can pick from. Well, provided you meet the necessary requirements for said choices.

The Prologue is the narrative exposition for the setting of the Riven Realms and also serves as the tutorial of the game, and so it starts off leading you as the player through a very narrow path and then gradually opens up both in terms of functionality and narrative choices. It reaches its zenith in Act IV, after you leave Avernum, from which point onwards you are free to lead your comitatus to almost any direction you want. Of course, success is far from guaranteed, so you need to carefully plan your trips considering all the information available to you, lest your journey end up in disaster, be it a deadly confrontation, financial ruin, or your own crew leaving you due to bad morale. Are you ready to try it yourself?

The story awaits you: Conquer the wasteland!

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