Location Artwork - Lumen
26 May | 10:00 am

'You know the saying: Only and idiot looks directly at the sun. Now, just so you know, only the king of the land of the greatest idiots looks directly at the calerus in daylight.'

- Valkhor, local guide of Lumen, to a group of newcomers

Nestled at the border of the South Calerus, the town of Lumen sprung up many decades ago when the Empire decided to try and emulate the successful crystal harvesting operations of the Kalani people of the east. To date, the settlement is indeed the most successful such operation outside of Sargot Kala.

Lumen is half-dug into the sandy earth and is protected by a great shielding wall woven of cloth and bone so that neither the blinding light nor the unbearable heat of the crystal forest can reach Lumen and its inhabitants with their full power during the day. One can easily be blinded by simply looking directly at the calerus, and entering it when the sun is beating down on the crystals is a sure way to be cooked alive. For these reasons, there is little activity in and around Lumen during the day, except in the deep, cool tunnels and underground halls. At night, brigades of workers and slaves rush out into the calerus to seek and harvest valuable ceruleus crystals.

The artwork's most important task was to provide a bird's eye view of the town and convey the immense heat and light of the daytime crystal forest. As always when working with the awesome Péter Kovács, we spent some time with initial drafts to find the best point of view here. The end result oozes atmosphere and has this bright, searing, mirage-like look that we really love.


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