Project Update - Home Office
28 May | 10:00 am

As the days of the pandemic continue to drag on, we thought about showing you guys how we've acclimated ourselves to the current situation and have a little tour of each team member's home office space.

First thing first, let me introduce the MVP of the team, Stitch, without whose supervision Szonja's art station would not be the same.

I of course continue to be enshrined in fantasy and science fiction paraphernalia (aka nerd junk) as well as a ton of books.

Gábor's wires might be enough to give power to a small country and he also keeps a healthy supply of water nearby (take heed!) while managing all kinds of project aspects on a number of screens and boards.

Spartan and effective! Nobo's work station may look minimalist but those initiated in programming would find plenty of detail and beauty in the code on screen.

Csabi's work corner has all the basics: laptop, notes, drink, munchies, and... Conan!

Ákos' workstation doubles as a gamer's nest. Hopefully the presence of the stormtrooper does not jinx his aiming.

As you can see, we keep working hard on Vagrus at home without much interruption in these trying times. We hope you all are doing well and stay safe.

Geri, Lost Pilgrim


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