Location Artwork - Leviathan's Demise
04 Aug | 10:00 am

Day 26 - Disaster struck today. We were making good progress up until last night. The Plains of Bone are a desolate place if I've ever seen one but at least we've got to some of the richer ivory piles. No Scortaur in sight as of yet, which is a boon already. As it was getting darker yesterday, we could see something large over the horizon, like a dark hill - something very uncharacteristic of this flat, empty expanse. But due to the worsening dust and wind we could not make out what it was and struck camp before night fell.

Then this morning the weather turned clearer and there it was, sitting on the horizon, visible in all its skeletal glory, gazing at us with ancient malice. The crew broke immediately. Braying like wounded animals and begging the Gods to help them they fled the camp, grabbing what they could while in a frenzy to get away. I have never seen anything like it.

So now I am all alone, sitting in the ruins of our camp. I swear I can hear some kind of whispering that is way too melodic to merely be the wind. I think the thing calls to me. I have decided to check it out. What more can I lose?

- The last entry in the recovered journal of the vagrus Kelderis

The vast skeleton called the Leviathan by travelers can be found deep inside the Plains of Bone. These remains are of unknown origin but are said to be vaguely Draconic. Yet, no known Dragon looks like (or is as large as) the Leviathan and the Dragonlords are mute on the subject. It is also peculiar that the bones seem to be nigh-indestructible and nobody has harvested them. Scortaur shun the place and travelers who returned from the Plains claim to have felt an odd presence while exploring the Leviathan.

This is easily one of the best and most iconic location artworks we have had the luck of adding to the game. Péter Kovács, our most prolific location artist really outdid himself with this one - the painting captures the dread, vastness, and mystery of the place impeccably. There are variants of it, too, but we'll let you discover that as you visit the location in game and perhaps learn more of its dark secrets.


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