Character Poses - Stinger Scorpion
28 Jul | 10:00 am

Stinger Scorpions are true terrors of the forsaken wastelands of the Riven Realms. You will need a good team of powerful Companions to down one of these skittering beasts. Their high Vitality along with their Armor makes them very tough to beat, and a great Block stat further enhances that Armor. Additionally, some of the creature's Resistances (like Bleed or Impediment) are also exceptionally high - though in turn some others are fairly low (like Fire or Poison). To top it off, Stinger Scorpions are Terrifying, which means most of its enemies will suffer Accuracy penalties when attacking it.

The creature relies on two of its combat skills:

Crushing Pincer: The scorpion attacks with its mighty pincers, causing a lot of damage. The attack pushes the target to the back line and is very difficult to block.

Lethal Stinger: Although this single target melee attack can only be used once per combat, it is by far one of the deadliest enemy skills. It is Armor Piercing, causes extremely high damage and has a powerful Critical Chance. Once it hits, it applies a strong Poison that damages the victim further while lowering their Initiative and Accuracy.

There are a few methods to even the odds against these horrifying insects of the deserts in Vagrus. Armor Piercing and fire-based attacks make the fight much easier, as do skills that are difficult to block. Finally, because these nightmare scorpions are solitary hunters, simply overpowering them with numbers might just work.

The Lost Pilgrims Team


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